Winning Ads of Super Bowl

I have an advertising class this semester and for the first time I watched the Super Bowl for the advertisements. My interest in advertising has been emerging and I am constantly curious to find out more about the industry. Some of my favorite ads for the BrandBowl were:

While this wasn’t an actual commercial, this image shown on the company’s Twitter shows how timeliness and relevance are important when dealing with social media. The perfect timing of this ad right after the lights went out, was all Oreo needed to leave a lasting impression on the minds of millions of people on Twitter during the blackout.

Props for their social media team at nailing a simple incident into a twitter phenomenon.


I am a total sucker for animals and their Clydesdales commercial. The music was great, and it was so touching.


I mean Oprah is the voiceover, how can I not pay attention as soon as it started playing. Supporting our troops is always something to be admired and  Jeep did a great job at portraying the troops. Although I would have liked less product placement it is still done towards the end and tastefully.
This ad was only displayed in Texas but it was still one of my favorites of the night.

Texans can relate to the myths about us as well as feel a sense of pride for our unique culture, that which includes shopping at our local HEB of course.


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