My Blogging Experience

Keeping up with a blog this semester was overall a positive experience. I had been wanting to start a blog for quite some time and had not had the opportunity to do so for some reasons. Among these were my broad range of interests, lack of experience and mostly time. I keep up with several PR, travel and even fashion blogs and had always wanted to start my own. I did to use much social media to promote my blog except for Twitter, mostly because I wanted to go back when I had time and really make my blog something I can be proud of and an accurate reflection of me and my interests. I enjoyed the Twitter widget and found it helpful, it made me conscious of what I should be tweeting since it would be posted on my blog. This wasn’t much of a problem since I usually tend to tweet about topics relevant to PR and the industry. If anything, this blog helped me realize that I have a voice and can share my opinions and insight with others. I would find myself wanting to blog more frequently but afraid to since I was scared of how the blogging community would react. I am definitely going to be blogging more frequently especially since I will be moving to New York for an internship and would be in a new learning environment with different experiences. I am definitely excited to blog more about traveling and how to get involved in college to get an internship. I will also cover topics like what to expect on your first day at an internship. I will mostly use my blog to keep an online journal of my experiences for friends and family back home. Get excited for the future of this blog!



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