wallartI’m a Public Relations major with a strong curiosity for advertising, will be walking the stage in Spring 2014 and a bobcat at Texas State University. I’m also the resident assistant for the mass comm learning community, a MAIP finalist and a PR Intern at The Center for the Study of Latino Media & Markets. Oh and I also used to tweet for the university. Now that we got all the career stuff covered, I can tell you a little more about myself.

My name is Stephania, yes like Stephanie with an A. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico and grew up with a communications background. My dad was a graphic artist for a university and my mom handled the marketing of the Communication school. After my parents got married, they started their own print shop and I grew up next to ad samples and Pantone swatches. Advertising has always been a part of my life and my first job was as a receptionist at the advertising agency my mom worked at.

I have always enjoyed writing so I made my way to the public relations field without really knowing what to expect. This year I had my first official advertising class and realize that there are so many opportunities in this industry as well. I am a very curious person and a people watcher. I’m really interested in the career exploration process and the thought of the endless possibilities after graduation. I am constantly learning about the industry and finding ways to better prepare myself with the emerging skills and technology needed to be successful. I love social media too much and the thought of connecting with people.
I am passionate about my career and driven for my future goals. I also love to travel.

My interests are a mix of things and this blog reflects that. I had the hardest time trying to narrow my topic but I realized I care about too many things to keep this blog to only one. One thing I am definitely passionate about is helping others with their own career goals. I am in no way an expert but I have attended many conferences and experienced 3 years of college so I enjoy helping others learn about things they can benefit from and learn from my mistakes. If I can at least help someone in any way with anything I have been involved in, then I think this blog will be a success.

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